Horner Roberts – About us

The company was formed in 2007, following a long-standing collaboration between Richard Horner and Paul Roberts. Since then the company has grown steadily with the emphasis on personal service. Following Richard’s retirement, Paul has now taken over the day to day running of the company.

Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts

Horner Roberts will continue to offer a great service and quality of workmanship. Paul’s background as a cabinet maker with 22 years on the bench provides the knowledge and experience to manufacture any style of fitted and free standing furniture to the highest standards.
Over the past few years Paul has been building up his design skills and developing a keen eye for detail. All this experience means that the designs really do meet the brief, and that they are manufactured using the correct traditional methods and will last a lifetime.

Ordering furniture from Horner Roberts

We are situated in a beautiful part of Dorset. Although it is a little off the beaten track, we encourage you to pay us a visit in Farrington to see some examples of our work.

Most commissions begin with a phone call or an email. Following every serious enquiry, a designer will visit you at home. He will listen to your requirements and discuss the possibilities with you. He will also want carry out a survey of the space and make sure that the furniture we design is sympathetic with the architecture of your home.

The designs for your furniture are developed in our Farrington office. We have more than thirty years’ experience of tackling design problems. We don’t necessarily arrive at the ultimate solution straight away, so a little patience is sometimes required! We will present you with a set of plans and elevations so that you can see what we envisage and we will let you know the projected cost of your project.

In the last five years, the cost of our kitchen projects have ranged from £9,000 and £45,000. Most of them have been in the £15000 to £25000 range.

When we have a broad agreement, we put the final details to the design , draw up a full specification and ask you for a deposit in order to begin the work.

Manufacture and Fitting
The furniture is exclusively made in our Farrington workshop and customers are encouraged to visit while the work is in progress.

We will work out a schedule for the installation and liaise with any outside contractors who may be involved. If the project involves building work, decorating, plumbing, electrical installation and so on, we can provide qualified contractors to carry out the work, but we will maintain overall control of the job.

Handing Over and Guarantee
Before handing over to you, Paul Roberts will check the installation thoroughly. The furniture is designed for you, and we like to satisfy ourselves that you are completely happy with it. For further reassurance we will guarantee your furniture against any faulty materials or workmanship for a period of five years from the date of completion of the installation.