Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets Dorset

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets Dorset

Bespoke kitchen cabinets are becoming a firm favourite for homeowners throughout Dorset and the rest of the world. Made with the finest materials and precision craftsmanship, bespoke cabinets have no competition compared with ready-made cabinets. With factory-built or ready-made cabinets, you may usually find that your options are limited which could leave you stuck with basic choices in sizes and designs. Here at Horner Roberts Dorset, we are proud to supply you with beautiful high-quality cabinets which are truly bespoke to you. Our team of highly skilled designers and craftsmen have many years of knowledge and experience which enables them to meet our customer’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to create stunning cabinets which are tailored to your unique measurements and design ideas.

With bespoke kitchen cabinets, your choice of sizes, shapes, designs, colours and fittings etc are almost unlimited. Each and every element of your cabinets are chosen by you so you can let your full personality shine through. Our combination of traditional methods and state of the art machinery enables us to create the perfect kitchen cabinet. Each cabinet is made to order per a customers request and no two cabinets are ever the same. Our passion for perfection and a close eye for detail allows us to create cabinets which are smooth, precise and faultless. We ensure each small detail meets your individual requirements, with no gaps, flaws or imperfections. All of our cabinets are tested and inspected before they are installed to ensure the highest standards have been met.

At Horner Roberts Dorset, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the finest bespoke cabinets and an outstanding service. From the design to crafting and installation your cabinets, we don’t compromise on quality and care. We work closely with our customers and keep them informed throughout every step of the process, no matter how big or small your kitchen project may be. Whether you prefer traditional, modern or country style kitchens, we guarantee that your cabinets will be strong, durable and built to last for many years of use.

If you would like any more information about our beautiful bespoke cabinets, please do not hesitate to contact us at Horner Roberts Dorset. We will be happy to discuss all of your ideas for your upcoming kitchen project and give you friendly, expert advice for your perfect kitchen cabinets. We cover Dorset and all surrounding towns and villages. We look forward to hearing from you.

Celebrity Come Dine With me – Contemporary Shaker Kitchen South West London

Celebrity Come Dine With me – Contemporary Shaker Kitchen South West London

At Horner Roberts, we have been very busy working on some outstanding kitchen designs which we are extremely proud of. Particularly, we would like to share one of our latest kitchen projects we completed for a client which will be featured on Channel 4’s Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

The brief for this kitchen project was to create a luxury bespoke contemporary kitchen in a South West London property which boasted plenty of character and sophistication. Working closely alongside our client, we created an innovative design which combined style, storage and ultimate practicality. To enhance and optimise the available space in the kitchen, we added a contemporary Shaker kitchen complete with a range of cabinets, drawers and doors which were tailored to the clients’ unique measurements and function requirements. The kitchen was then hand-painted in a minimalistic Dark Grey shade for a timeless and versatile finish. For added luxury we installed solid brass Armac Martin doors handles, T-bar handles and long bar handles on all the doors and cabinets for a contrasting warmth and elegance.

Horner Roberts corresponds with some of the worlds leading appliance manufacturers including Wolf, Sub Zero, and Quooker. We were able to supply and install state of the art appliances into the kitchen including the technologically advanced Wolf M Series built-in oven and cutting edge Wolf professional gas hobs with a bespoke extractor canopy. We then integrated Two Sub Zero fridge freezers into the Shaker kitchen to create a modern and innovative statement. For added luxury, we installed stunning Bianca Eclipsia Marble worktops in a White-Grey shade and Satinato finish complete with splashbacks, giving our client a strong and durable worktop with a stylish personal signature.

No contemporary kitchen is complete without a kitchen island so we designed a bespoke island tailored to our clients’ personal needs and requirements. The kitchen island comes with plenty of drawers, storage, and a space to add extra seating. A beautiful stainless steel sink was installed into the island with the addition of a state of the art Nordic Square Quooker boiling tap and a Franke Olympus chrome mixer tap for ultimate practicality and efficiency. The kitchen island was finished with a striking bespoke American Black Walnut Chopping Board worktop which compliments the Dark Grey tones of the doors and cabinets, for a stylish and sophisticated look.

For additional character and practicality, we installed modern LED lighting and designed some bespoke furniture for our client including a bespoke dining table, stools, a solid oak wine rack and a spice rack.

At Horner Roberts, we fully design and project manage all of our kitchen projects and oversee all of the building works alongside highly skilled tradesmen. Working closely alongside our clients, we can create a beautiful bespoke kitchen to meet all of your individual lifestyle needs. If you would like to know more information about our stunning bespoke kitchens and what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Classic English Kitchens Dorset

Classic English Kitchens Dorset

A Classic English kitchen is known for bringing warmth, charm and character into your home. They are becoming very popular for both country and city residents due to the homely classic feel about them. Many homeowners throughout Dorset yearn for the country feeling that a Classic English kitchen delivers. As well as being homely and stylish, a Classic English kitchen brings traditional values and elegance into your home. Here at Horner Roberts Dorset, we are proud to provide you with the finest Classic English kitchens for a beautiful and exquisite addition to your home.
Generally, Classic English kitchen are made with natural materials and colours, warm solid woods and organic grains. A Classic English kitchen can itself be a striking feature and piece of art, they can also be adapted to suit both modern and traditional kitchens.

Some key features of Classic English Kitchens:

They are warm and inviting
Classic English kitchens may not be suited to everyone’s taste but one thing that is guaranteed is that your kitchen will be warm and welcoming to all types of visitors. The inviting atmosphere brings family and friends together for hospitable and relaxed meals or even social gatherings.

Timeless and Elegant
The beauty of Classic English kitchens is that they never go out of date and will look stylish and elegant in decades to come. The natural woods, smooth crafted curves and quirky charm of Classic English kitchens make them unique and sophisticated, giving your home lots of personality. With plenty of colour options, your Classic English kitchen can be painted in your chosen shade to adapt with the times and match your existing interior.

Design Flexibility
All Classic English kitchens differ and you have plenty of design options, giving you a lot of flexibility. With different variations of materials, fittings, appliances and accessories, you can choose a Classic English kitchen which will truly suit your personal needs. Here at Horner Roberts Dorset, we can craft your Classic English kitchen to meet your individual requirements so you can achieve the kitchen you have always imagined. Whether you want smooth, elegant curves, free-standing islands, vertical grooves or shabby chic edges; we can create a beautiful kitchen designed to perfectly fit your space and personal needs. Your kitchen can be tailored to meet both traditional and modern styles with options of different colours, lighting, flooring and furniture for a beautiful and timeless finish.

Strong and Durable
Classic English kitchens are known for being strong, durable and functional. The use of high-quality materials such as solid wood and hard stones makes them extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. With precise measurements and skilled craftsmanship, Horner Roberts can ensure that each and every part of your kitchen is made with skill, care and fine attention to detail so that you receive a kitchen you can enjoy for many years to come.

Whether you want a Classic English kitchen which is original and traditional or adapted with a modern twist, it will be the perfect place to relax and make memories.

If you like to know more about our Classic English kitchens, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Horner Roberts Dorset. We will be happy to answer any questions and give you friendly expert advice about your upcoming project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Shaker Kitchens Dorset

Shaker Kitchens Dorset

All Shaker kitchens feature simplistic square-framed designs which can give you plenty of versatility and make your kitchen extremely practical. Made with high-quality materials, fittings and hanging cabinets, your new shaker kitchen will have beautiful aesthetic symmetry which compliments the surrounding features in the rest of your living space. Your shaker kitchen can be crafted into any shape or size so that it will fit your individual measurements. There are also different features to choose from to help your kitchen run more effectively. With a good range of different cabinets, doors and drawers to fulfil your storage purposes, kitchen islands, worktop materials, peg rails and hand-painted designs; you will have plenty of choice and flexibility to create a shaker kitchen which is designed around you and your lifestyle.

Shaker kitchens are also known for being exceptionally durable and strong so they are a great choice for those looking for a kitchen which is built to last, sturdy and has the ability to withstand many years of daily heavy use. This strength is due to the combination of high-quality materials and fittings we use and precision craftsmanship. This combination is what makes your kitchen still function and look as good new further down the line. Here at Horner Roberts Ltd Dorset, our team of highly skilled designers and qualified craftsmen have extensive knowledge and experience in creating stylish and stunning classic shaker kitchens. Working closely with you throughout the design process, we will gather all of your kitchen ideas and determine your needs so that we can produce a high-quality kitchen which is tailored to your everyday requirements whilst still staying true to the traditional values that a shaker kitchen has to offer. Shaker kitchens are a clever investment for your home, not only will they increase value to your property but they also have timeless designs which still stay in trend for many years to come.

If you would like any more information about our Shaker Kitchens, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Horner Roberts Ltd Dorset. We will be happy to answer any questions about your upcoming kitchen project and look forward to helping you achieve a perfect shaker kitchen for you.

We currently cover Dorset and the surrounding towns and villages and look forward to hearing from you today.

Handmade Kitchens Dorset

Handmade Kitchens Dorset

Traditional handmade kitchens are extremely practical and very durable, not only are they elegant and visually stunning but will have the functionality that you and your family need, this is why handmade is becoming a popular option with many homeowners now looking buy a new kitchen.

Handmade kitchens are made from scratch and are completely different from factory-made or factory-built kitchens, as they are and made with precision craftsmanship and close attention to detail. They offer the buyer complete freedom of design with an endless choice of shapes and sizes and specifications are no longer an issue as every part of your bespoke handmade kitchen will be unique. Almost all factory-made kitchens are limited in shapes, sizes and also styles to choose from which will not allow you to achieve your desired perfect dream kitchen.

Your new handmade kitchen will allow you to choose every individual element with your kitchen, with our designers so that it is unique and personalised to your everyday life Style, At Horner-Roberts Ltd Dorset we can provide you with a practical and visually stunning handmade kitchen which will meet all of your individual needs. No matter what sizes, designs, colours, materials and fittings you want, your personalised beautiful handmade kitchen will be tailored to meet every fine detail of all your individual requirements.

When you feel it is time to start browsing the web or searching for a traditional bespoke or handmade kitchen you may find that the majority of kitchen companies will offer you or promote high-quality handmade (bespoke) kitchens but most cases the kitchens they offer will definitely not be truly Bespoke or Handmade. A common misconception with people is that if you can customise your kitchen eg: choose your own kitchen materials, colours and furniture etc then it is handmade. This is clearly not true, for a kitchen to be truly Handmade or Bespoke it needs to be made from start to finish from scratch specifically to a customers order. A bespoke kitchen is so much more than customisation, it is a kitchen which is built from scratch utilising all if your ideas. Horner- Roberts Ltd Dorset works closely with yourself and your family with your ideas from start to completion and turning them into reality. The carcasses, fittings, storage solutions and shape of your kitchen are all truly bespoke to you. Your luxury handmade kitchen can be designed to fit into any space that you may have within your kitchen area and is crafted with ultimate precision and close attention to detail for the perfect flawless finish. We use raw, high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, your new bespoke handmade kitchen will be flawless, smooth, elegant and tailored to your everyday needs and lifestyle.

If you are looking to have sleek and modern or a warm and traditional look, Horner-Roberts Ltd Dorset, we will discuss and then create you an elegant, beautiful and outstanding handmade kitchen especially for you. We Work closely with you from start to completion listening to your requirements through out the process and we will discuss all of your ideas and turn them to reality, ensuring we achieve the handmade kitchen you have always dreamed of. Our highly skilled team of craftsmen have many years of experience and knowledge, this will enable us to create your perfect bespoke kitchen down to the finest of details. All of our kitchens are handmade here in our workshop with high-quality materials and fittings to ensure that your bespoke kitchen is durable, strong, the finished kitchen will be made to be enjoyed and last for many years to come. Your handmade kitchen can be painted or stained and lacquered upon request for the perfect smooth finish.

Should you wish to discuss any of your bespoke or handmade kitchen ideas, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Horner- Roberts Ltd Dorset where we will be happy to discuss your ideas, we cover Dorset and all surrounding towns and villages.