Horner Roberts Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen design

Bespoke Kitchens and Kitchen Furniture

We create bespoke kitchens and kitchen furniture to suit a great variety of homes.
We design kitchens for new houses. We also design kitchens for period buildings, and enjoy the challenge of adapting them to 21st century living requirements.

The aim is always the same: to produce a kitchen of lasting value using the most appropriate materials and methods of construction.


We produce a broad range of styles, but our house style is largely that which has become known as ‘Shaker’. We tend to follow the tenet of the Shakers and keep everything fairly simple.
Generally we don’t include unnecessary ornamentation, preferring to concentrate on functionality.


Solid hardwoods, natural stone, granite, slate and marble. We make sure that all our timber comes from sustainable sources. Combined with high quality man-made materials like corian, quartz stone, stainless steel and brass, we use materials which will last a lifetime.

We keep abreast of the latest fittings, and advise our customers about those storage solutions that we know will stand the test of time.  Magic corners, recycling bins, larders, specialist spice drawers, larder racking and bottle racking are all elements that we regularly install.