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Horner Roberts continues to offer outstanding service and quality workmanship to create your ideal kitchen.

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We are Master Cabinet Makers established 44 years

Horner Roberts is a well-established company that specialises in the planning, design, and crafting of beautiful high-quality kitchens throughout Wiltshire and the surrounding areas. In 1979, Richard Horner launched a bespoke kitchen company and later collaborated with Paul Roberts in 2007 to create Horner Roberts. Since then, the company has grown steadily and gained a vast reputation for providing customers with high-quality bespoke kitchens and personalised service, enabling all our clients to receive tailored and practical living solutions. Following Richard’s retirement, Paul has now continued to take over the daily running of the company with over 32 years of knowledge and experience behind him.

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We are very proud of the work we produce. Every single installation is finished to the highest level of craftsmanship.

Kitchen Design

We produce a broad range of styles, but our house style is largely that which has become known as ‘Shaker’. We tend to follow the tenets of the Shakers and keep everything fairly simple.
Generally, we don’t include unnecessary ornamentation, preferring to concentrate on functionality.

Freestanding Furniture

Horner Roberts can create a unique set of dining furniture, in the timber and style of your choice, as well as furniture for any other room in the house.

Bespoke tables and chairs are a good investment and can become heirlooms of the future.

Interior Spaces

We have the capacity to take on quite large projects. Sometimes these are designed in collaboration with architects and interior designers. This usually involves us in the production of a set of working drawings from a design brief or idea.
We are skilled at designing contemporary furniture to blend in seamlessly with both period and new buildings.

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Horner Roberts

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Horner Roberts continues to offer outstanding service and quality workmanship to create your ideal kitchen. With Paul’s extensive background experience as a cabinet maker and ability to work closely alongside clients, we can provide you with a kitchen that gives you plenty of freedom and structure to suit your individual lifestyle. With an extensive range of different colours, materials, fittings, shapes, sizes, and storage solutions, creating the perfect kitchen design has never been more flexible.

Paul Roberts



Adam has been a cornerstone of Horner Roberts for nearly two decades, having started his journey with us when we were still known as Horners Furniture. Over the years, Adam has not only honed his skills as a superb cabinet maker but has also risen to oversee all cabinetry operations at Horner Roberts. His role is crucial in maintaining our commitment to excellence, as he ensures that everything we produce meets the highest standards of quality. Adam’s extensive experience and deep understanding of both the craft and the industry make him a pivotal figure in our workshops. His leadership ensures that our team adheres to best practices and that our products consistently exceed client expectations.

Adam - Workshop Manager
Adam Colliss

Workshop Manager


George joined the team three years ago and quickly established himself as both a skilled craftsman and a valued member of the team. His meticulous approach to cabinet making and his unwavering attention to detail have significantly contributed to the high quality of our projects. George’s ability to understand the nuances of wood grain and his finesse in handling complex designs have earned him high praise from clients and colleagues alike. His dedication not only to his craft but also to ensuring that each piece is perfect before it leaves the shop reflects his professional ethos and commitment to excellence.

George Althaus-Hudson

Cabinet Maker

George R

George has been an integral part of our team for two years and has shown remarkable ability in all areas of cabinet making. His rapid development and eagerness to learn new techniques have continuously impressed both his colleagues and our clients. George’s adaptability and commitment to mastering every aspect of the craft, from intricate joinery to the fine finishing touches, have made him a highly dependable member of our team. He consistently seeks out opportunities to expand his skills and knowledge, demonstrating a genuine passion for cabinet making that shines through in every project he undertakes. This dedication not only enhances his personal growth but also significantly contributes to the overall success and innovation within our workshop.

George Ridgeway

Cabinet Maker


Dan, the newest member of our team, has recently joined us and already shown promising attributes that signal a bright future with our company. His enthusiasm for cabinet making and eagerness to learn from seasoned colleagues have made a positive impression on everyone. Dan brings a fresh perspective and a keen willingness to absorb new techniques and ideas, which are essential for both personal growth and the continued innovation of our workshop. His proactive approach to tackling tasks and his ability to adapt quickly to our methods suggest that he will progress well and become an invaluable asset to our team. Dan’s early contributions are indicative of his potential to excel in the art of cabinet making and to uphold the high standards of Horner Roberts.

Daniel Smith

Cabinet Maker

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